After years of working as an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner, I wanted to do even more to help my patients and make a real change in the community so I shifted my focus to opiate addiction treatment. In addition to helping addicted family members, I have years of experience working with patients suffering from addiction.

As I have seen the most success with Sublocade, I have decided to specialize in this once-monthly buprenorphine injection. Currently, I have the most Sublocade patients in Oregon! Sublocade provides patients with greater relief from cravings than previous treatment options. Most patients describe feeling “normal” and that they stop thinking about heroin!

Since 2013, opiate-related deaths are now the leading cause of traumatic deaths in the US, passing motor vehicle collisions and gun-related fatalities. Unfortunately, the rural and suburban areas are not immune to these opiate overdoses (especially Yamhill County). I knew that without access to medically-assisted-treatment (Suboxone, Sublocade, etc), people with an opiate addiction aren’t given many options so I opened The Reclaim Clinic in beautiful Newberg, Oregon.

I have a straightforward yet compassionate approach so be ready for a honest, non-judgemental, down-to-Earth relationship. When you are ready, The Reclaim Clinic will get your life turned around!

I look forward to working with you!

-Katie Nicosia FNP

PS. Unlike other clinics, you can text me directly with any questions! 503.406.1009


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