After years of working as an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner, I wanted to do even more to help my patients and make a real change in the community so I shifted my focus to opiate addiction treatment. In addition to helping addicted family members, I have years of experience working with patients suffering from addiction.

Since 2013, opiate-related deaths are now the leading cause of traumatic deaths in the US, passing motor vehicle collisions and gun-related fatalities. Unfortunately, the rural and suburban areas are not immune to these opiate overdoses (especially Yamhill County). I knew that without access to medically-assisted-treatment (Suboxone, etc), people with an opiate addiction aren’t given many options so I opened The Reclaim Clinic in beautiful Newberg, Oregon.

I have a straight-forward yet compassionate approach so be ready for a honest, non-judgemental, down-to-Earth relationship. When you are ready, The Reclaim Clinic will get your life turned around!

I look forward to working with you!

-Katie Nicosia FNP

PS. Unlike other clinics, you can text me directly with any questions! 503.406.1009

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