No Lines.

No Judgement.

You are a person, not a number.

Once you have made the choice to get help with your opioid addiction/dependence and you’ve contacted The Reclaim Clinic, we will set up an hour long (sometimes lasts longer) appointment with you. It helps to bring a family member or friend with you to your first appointment but it’s not necessary. One of the best things about The Reclaim Clinic is that each appointment is individualized and you will see your provider at every visit!

You and the provider will then decide if Sublocade is a good fit for you. We will transition you off your opioid(s) and start your medication-assisted-treatment. We then set you up with follow-up visits (as often as once per week). If stopping your opioid is too difficult to do on your own, we can help you get into medical detox. We work most closely with PowerHouse Detox.

You will be required to have routine outpatient labs done upon starting your medication. Expect to have a urine drug screen done at each visit. You may also be required to have random urine drug screens and random pill counts done in the clinic.

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